Latvian European Community Studies Association (LECSA) was established in 2000 to support the political goal of Latvia to join the European Union and to share European democratic, law-based and market economy values. We aimed at providing political, economic and general training based on centre-right philosophy.

LECSA provides political and economic education as well promotes education of society on the EU issues and positive image of the EU among youth, academic society and general public through conferences, roundtable discussions, study visits and publications.

LECSA is a platform for uniting educational, research institutions and think-tanks that share similar values and support commonly and individually centre-right parties and political and economic programme by the leading political parties and aimed at EU values and ideas.

LECSA is an umbrella organization that is chaired jointly by leaders of educational and research institutions in Latvia, based on the memorandum of understanding and agreement on cooperation signed by higher educational institutions, think tanks and individuals.

LECSA goals:

  • to develop and promote the exchange of ideas, on political, practical and theoretical problems related to European integration and shared values;

  • to develop and promote the exchange of ideas and research information on the procedures, possibilities and implications of Latvia’s participation in the European Union;

  • to disseminate information among the Latvian politicians, academic, cultural, professional, and other circles in Latvia about ideas and research on the various political, economic, legal and other aspects of the global integration processes European politics and European integration.


Dr. Tatjana Muravska, Jean Monnet Professor, University of Latvia

Dr. Tatjana Muravska, Jean Monnet Professor, University of Latvia
Dr. Daina Bāra, Professor, University of Latvia
Morten Hansen, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Advisory board:
Dr. Tatjana Koķe, Professor, Riga Stradiņš University
Dr. Biruta Sloka, President, Association of Latvian Statisticians
Dr. Juris Krumins, Professor, University of Latvia


Communication and Administration:
Vladimirs Rojenko, University of Latvia

2017-2019: Yinglu XuHaemi Shin, Aleksandra Rosolska

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