U.POWER – Unlocking the POtential of Women in social EntRepreneurship

Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: KA220-ADU – Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Reference: 2022-1-IE01-KA220-ADU-000089829

Start date:  29/12/2022                      End date: 31/08/2024



Lead Partner: Meath Partnership (Ireland)

Project partners: NGO NEST Berlin EV (Germany), Tandem Plus (France), Quality Culture (Italy), Asociacion Educativa por la Integracion Yla Igualdad (Spain), Jinishian Memorial Foundation (Armenia)

In Latvia, project is implemented by the Latvian European Community Studies Association (Latvijas Eiropas Kopienas studiju asociācija) (LECSA) in close partnership with the Centre for European and Transition Studies  of the University of Latvia.

The project is focusing on the development of social entrepreneurship competence among women aged 25-55 to unlock their spirit of initiative and entrepreneurial potential as well as adult educators/trainers in six European and one non-European country – Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Armenia. It will offer blended learning opportunities, consisting of remote learning and coaching /mentoring sessions with educators.


  1. Women (25-55 years old), including those with fewer opportunities and who are facing difficulties, such as reconciling work and personal life and socio-cultural barriers.
  2. Adult educators and trainers interested in acquiring new methodologies to support women in starting their own business, in particular the blended approach developed and tested within the project.

Other groups

  • Women social entrepreneurs, who want to provide best practices and can take part in the project activities as mentors and/or success stories, inspiring participants and giving positive examples of female social entrepreneurship.
  • Adult education organizations that deal with social entrepreneurship, women or business support to women or coaching/mentoring.
  • Local, national and international policy makers.
  • Public at large.


  • providing women with skills and competences for a successful career development with a strong focus on social entrepreneurship.
  • strengthening the adult education sector – by fostering coaching skills and competences for adult educators to effectively support women in an entrepreneurship path through a blended approach.
  • increase awareness among women, adult educators and, especially, policy makers on the challenge of gender equality and the importance of female empowerment and social entrepreneurship.


  • Research analysis – mapping women social entrepreneurship (SE), including analysis of needs on competences in SE, local experts’ interviews.
  • Development and piloting of a blended approach (MOOC & coaching sessions) – 6 modules on Social Entreprenuership topics.
  • Training for educators.
  • Development of policy recommendations.
  • U.POWER national event.


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