Students from Latvian higher education institutions are welcome to apply for EU Business Study Tour!

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LECSA invites students from Latvian higher education institutions to apply for EU Business Study tour to Brussels. 

EU Business Study Tour (EU BST) is a network for European Business Studies uniting universities and business schools from Belgium, Germany, Latvia and Switzerland.

Why to join EU BST?

  • A unique opportunity for students to immerse in the EU institutions and business organizations
  • An excellent opportunity to meet experts from European institutions, policy think-tanks, and business organizations
  • You will meet with companions from countries all around the world
  • EU BST = 3 ECT

What the BST will give to me?

  • meet and listen to briefings by EU officials and business experts
  • participate in discussions with them on issues related to start-ups, fundraising opportunities at the EU level, European projects etc.

What will it cost?

Participation fee EUR 460,00 covers:

  • Hotel in Brussels for 5 nights from November 4 to November 9, 2018
  • Local public transport – 10 journeys
  • A joint dinner
  • Information package and organisation of the programme

Attention! You are responsible for your own travel arrangements:

  • a return flight ticket to Brussels
  • a return ticket for a bus/train from and to the airport

How to apply for the Tour?

Step 1 

Apply online at:

Application data will be sent the EU institutions for security reasons on their demand
A call for applications to participate in the BST is open until October 22, 2018

Step 2

After received confirmation, you must pay the Tour fee by October 27, 2018

It should be transferred to the following bank account:

Latvijas Asociācija Eiropas Kopienas Studijām

Reg. Nr.: 40008055276

IBAN: LV27HABA0551000096822


From that point on you will receive regular information on the program and operational aspects of the BST.

Step 3

You make your personal travel arrangements and read all information issued by the organisers.

For more information, please contact us:

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Muravska, +371 29 20 77 53
Dr. Romans Putans, + 371 29 442 854

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